Healthy Foods with High Calories to Gain Weight

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For those aiming to add muscle and gain weight at the same time, the healthy foods with high calories make the right choices. These are the best foods to help them achieve their goal faster. These foods are not only rich in carbs but also other nutrients that the body needs like protein, fat and fiber. So, they definitely make great choices for everyday meal plan. But if you are in diet program to lose weight, you may need to avoid these foods instead.


Although some people have now underestimated nuts due to their total fat content, but this doesn’t remove the fact that the quality of the fat contained in nuts are much better than other fats. Pistachio is one of the nuts containing high quality unsaturated fats which make it the lowest-fat nuts that everyone can snack on. Moreover, it is also rich in fiber and protein so it really helps to make you feel satisfied all day long.


Here is another food with high carbs yet very healthy. Usually, it is eaten in dried version. This particular food is considered healthy because it is completely natural especially if you eat the no added sugar version which makes an excellent type of snack. People with type 2 diabetes can definitely consider eating raisin as snack. With regular raisin consumption, there will be positive impact on systolic blood pressure and post-meal glucose level.


Everyone knows how healthy avocado is, a great fruit with delicious taste. Each avocado contains 80 calories plus almost 20 minerals and vitamins and fiber. Shortly said, the nutrients contained inside this fruit are enormous. In fact, it is also rich in potassium and monounsaturated fats. You can basically mix it with anything from toast, eggs and even other fruits to make some delicious smoothie.

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Egg Whites

Between egg yolk and white, the healthier option to help gaining weight is the egg yolk although it is more nutritious. Each egg yolk is filled with various nutrients including choline, vitamin B complex, K2, and vitamin A. It is claimed to support the thyroid health and metabolic function. Plus, it also has delicious taste that can be mixed into any kinds of dish.

Coconut Flour

If you look for alternative to wheat flour, the coconut flour makes a good choice especially if you are looking for healthy foods with high calories for gain weight. What makes this flour effective to gain weight is its higher content of calorie compared to other flours. In this flour, there are also other nutrients like fiber and protein. Thanks to all those nutrients, the flour is less likely to cause blood sugar level to elevate unlike the all purpose flour. At the same time, the nutrients can make you feel full longer.

Dark Chocolate

Here comes the choice of sweet healthy foods with high calories that you will love, the dark chocolate. This version of chocolate contains 160 calorie for each once. Yet, it is also rich in flavonoids to boost the health by improving the cholesterol level and lowering the blood pressure level.

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