How to Gain Weight for Females Naturally, Without Drugs

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If all this time you are more familiar with reading about how to lose weight, then how about those who want to know how to quickly fatten the body? Do not worry ladies, because in this article, we will explore thoroughly about how to gain weight for females.

Not all can succeed to do the tips to fatten the body for female, but it would be nice if procedures that you choose is healthy. Or, in other words, without having to consume drugs. Here are some tips on how to gain weight effectively without the need of consuming any drugs.

Choose High Nutritious Foods

Having a desire to get an ideal (fatter) body does not mean you have to sacrifice your health. How to fatten the body without drugs, does not always mean that you should eat high fat and calorie foods all the time. Instead, you should increase the consumption of healthy foods. What is meant by healthy food here is the food which is high in nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

How to gain weight for females
How to gain weight for females

Eat More Often

In addition to consuming nutritious food, you also need to eat more often, ladies. Instead of eating three big meals a day, you’d better eat five to six times with small portions. More frequent meals will be better, because thin people tend to feel full quickly.

Add your calorie consumption

Each person’s body digests food or energy differently. For your information, calorie is the best energy source for the body, of which the ideal consumption is different, depending on each person’s needs. Where do you get your calorie intake? You can add grated cheese to the bread, or pair the omelet with chicken soup that you usually eat. However, you still have to pay attention to the dose, because excessive calories can cause diabetes.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Eating more often does not mean you should eat rice and side dishes five times a day. You can also add snacks in between your activities. In the office, for example, you can provide fruits and soybeans, which are easy to eat, even while you are working with your computer. But, you have to remember that you should avoid foods that are fried or soaked with oil to reduce cholesterol levels.

Drink Juice or Smoothies

You should know that it is not only food that can affect the weight, but drinking juice is also a healthy way to fatten the body. Or, if you like milk or yogurt, you can also make smoothies for breakfast every morning. Two glasses of smoothies everyday are effective fattening the body because based on the theory, the nutrients are more easily to be absorbed if the food texture is subtler.

Do not drink to much water right before eating

To avoid feeling full at the beginning, try not to drink water before you eat. Water tends to make you feel full, and of course will reduce your appetite. That is why, it is suggested to drink water 30 minutes after you have a meal. Besides, this will help better absorption of nutrients.

Exercise regularly

Who says that exercising is only for those who want to reduce weight? More precisely, this exercise is done for a healthier life. Regular exercise is just one way to fatten the body amore natural and healthy way. Once you are tired of exercise, your appetite will certainly increase, and the body can get a more caloric intake. By doing the tips on how to gain weight for females, you are expected to gain more weight, but are still healthy and happy.

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