Using Fitness Blender App with 8 Weeks Program

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Fitness blender, in 2015, launched a special fitness blender app that their user can use to support their training. However, because some of reason, they have to stop the continuation of the app support. Even though they stop the usage of the app, we have to admit that the program from Fitness Blender is one of the best workout programs that you can find. One of them is their 8 Week Program. With this program and the app that you also can use with the program, you can get the best result.

Fitness Blender 8 Weeks Program and the App

Just like its name, this is the program that consists of 8 weeks length of training you need to do. You can get it by using e-book from Fitness Blender. And, to make it easier, you also can use the app for fitnessblender to do this. The training you need to do here will need right measurement and scheduling. And, that could be hard to do, if you don’t have right gadget and tool to create the interval time program. This is where app for mobile fitness blender will come handy. The app, although it doesn’t have continued support, can still be use to create the schedule for the 8 Weeks Program. With the app, this program can be done easier. More than that, with fitness blender on gadget, you will have access anytime you want it, if you want to train.

The 8 Weeks Program

The 8 Weeks Program from Fitness Blender itself has many types of exercises that you can try. This is why the usage of fitness blender app is very useful. The app will help you to create playlist for best exercise menu you can get. The main focus of 8 Weeks Program is reducing fat and toning your muscle. More than that, this program also has eating guide that will help you to use the right method to eat. It’s also known as the “eat clean guide.” With this guide, you won’t only easily reduce your calories intake, but also find the right food to eat, that can improve your health condition.

fitness blender app
fitness blender app

The other good thing about this Fitness Blender program is the tool that you need to use. Basically, you don’t need to use any expensive equipment. You just need a set of dumbbells and that’s all. Yes, that’s not expensive, and if you don’t want to buy it, you can make it by yourself. Of course, you will need another tool to make this program successful. It’s your mobile gadget where you install Fitness Blender app. this will be enough to give you the best result that you need.

The 8 Weeks Program is actually not free program. You need to buy it. Its price is around $15 for the whole program. So, we can say that this is quite cheap. Of course, this cheap price can become expensive, if you don’t do it correctly. Discipline is important here. Combine it with good fitness blender app, and you are ready to live healthier.

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