What is the best time to take probiotics to get most beneficial?

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Probiotics are living microorganisms which also called as good or friendly bacteria that are introduced to the body for health benefits. So, why take probiotics? The probiotics live inside your digestive track and can help digestion system, improve the immune function, cure the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and fight toward harmful bacteria, and more. It means that probiotic should be alive for effectiveness, then you should maximize their chance of survival by eating them in adequate amount in the right time. If you consider taking probiotics, so what best time to take probiotics?

What’s best time to consume probiotics?

Referred to the Enzyme Essentials website, the probiotics must be taken in the morning and in bedtime as well. At these times, the digestive system only has few activities which mean that you have relatively low pH inside your stomach. Less acidic in your stomach means that bacteria has higher chance of getting attached to the intestinal wall and thriving as well. In case, if you cannot take probiotics at these times, you do not have to worry at all. The Enzyme Essentials also noted that consuming probiotics in less ideal time is better than none taking at all. So, you can decide foremost time when take probiotics.

Sufficient dosage

As mentioned before that you will get health benefits and that’s a reason why take probiotics. However it’s essential to get sufficient dosage as well. The Harvard Women’s Health Watch suggested that taking from one to ten billion probiotics units or same as one or two capsules for several days in a week. It means that you can get probiotics for limited time of more particular conditions, such as taking probiotics for yeast infection or you are also able to take them unlimited to prevent as the preventive measure as well. Ensure that you get an approval from your health care provider before you take probiotics or any natural supplements. This is because probiotics can be harmful for those who have allergic to bacteria such as Streptococcus Thermopiles, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and more.

best time to take probiotics
Best time to take probiotics

The natural sources

Noted that probiotics can be acquired form many natural sources, usually they are fermented and unpasteurized foods. In order to increase the natural probiotics for your diet, then you can eat sufficient amounts of kimchi, tempeh, yogurt with active culture label and more. Even you are also able to get big amounts of probiotics by consuming fizzy fermented milk and kefir. Most of these foods are available in health food shops. So, you can get more natural way to boost probiotics inside your gut.


Keep in mind that if you want more effective then probiotics should be consumed alive. So, if you take probiotics supplements, you must be careful to protect them for air, dampness, heat and you can keep them in refrigerator as well.

So if you know best time to take probiotics, then it helps you to get most benefits in your body. Even you can take probiotic supplements for prevention as well. Keep in mind that you should consult with your doctor first.

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